Lori Dean Dyment

Hi there!
My name is Lori Dean Dyment and I’m a third generation Vancouverite, which makes me fortunate enough to have enjoyed the lifestyle the city has to offer while being surrounded by so much natural beauty. It is this closeness to nature and its animal residents that has been translated into my artwork. While my artwork is predominantly of animals, they are rendered in a way that portrays their personalities and each has their own story. With the narrative quality of my work tends to make observers think back to their own favorite childhood storybooks. Now married and with children of my own, I have found the references to childhood have become even more pronounced.

While drawing is something I’ve always felt compelled to do, my formal art education began at Emily Carr University which I entered at the ripe age of 17. Fresh and eager I found myself immersed in the art school culture where I had to deal with a steep learning curve. Within those four years I developed a love of traditional printmaking which I continue to pursue with the help of the custom etching press I keep in my home. My favorite technique continues to be reductive monotypes which bridges my printmaking skills with my painterly desires. I have been using the same monotype plate for nearly twenty years now!

Watch me create a monotype here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I48homacy0

If you think my work would fit in with your next project don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas and we'll create new imaginary worlds together.



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